None. Everyone interested is encouraged to apply.

No prior experience in commercial theater is required for this fellowship. Diversity of experience from comparable fields is welcomed and encouraged for this fellowship. 

No. Applicants in and outside of New York are welcome to apply. Relocation funds will be available to those in need.

Yes! We know that there are many transferable skills within the industry. If you feel compelled to apply to more than one program, we ask that you take the time to apply separately to the programs you are interested in and we will work with our appropriate partners to determine the best fit for each applicant. However,  an applicant will only be accepted into one program track.

Year 1 – Prince Fellowship  

  • With mentorship provided by some of Broadway’s most prolific producers, such as Kristin Caskey, Sue Frost, Jeffery Seller, Thomas Schumacher and David Stone, the Creative Producer fellow will capitalize on all aspects of the Prince Fellowship including mentorship, access to Columbia University classes, and workshop funds.

Year 2 – Work Placement

  • TTLP will place the Creative Producing Fellow into a producer’s office as an associate producer or in whatever capacity the producer deems fit. The placement shall last for one year. It is TTLP’s goal that the fellow gains experience in all aspects of running a producing office: budgeting, marketing and PR, contracts, and production. 

Year 3 – Project Development  

  • Year three of the Creative Producer Fellowship will allow the fellow to lead their own learning and dictate the path in which they are most interested. TTLP will follow their lead. For example, the fellow may choose to stay in their year two placement or want a separate placement opportunity (i.e. a general management office for further learning or with another producer). TTLP will assist in that process by arranging the placements. Likewise, the fellow may want to start their own company and TTLP will provide assistance and access in that direction. The goal for this year is to provide a bespoke program that allows the fellow to chart out their journey while giving them the tools, access, and financial assistance needed to build a sustainable life in the commercial theater industry.

Each fellow will be placed in a General Management office.

Year 1- Main Focus: Contracts and Financial Planning.  Through the GM offices, fellows will also gain practical applications in  creating developmental budgets, union reports, prepping payroll, paying bills, reviewing P & Ls, checking settlements, and updating budgets/budget tracking. 

Year 2- Main Focus: Developmental process, Transfers, Post Broadway Life (including Touring, Licensing and Subsidiaries). Through the GM offices, fellows will also gain practical applications in touring budgets, Touring proformas, Commercial OOT budgets, Full Broadway budgets, Negotiating deals & contracts. 

Year 3- Main Focus: Job placement. After the first two years, Fellows will continue to have access to TTLP’s network of resources, mentors and continued support.

  • 6 General/Company Management 
  • 1 Creative Producer, each year for three years

Fellows will work closely with the partners in their respective disciplines. Additionally, fellows will work closely with TTLP staff and Advisory Council members for mentorship and guidance through the program. Please visit our About page for more information on staff and Advisory Council members.

Yes. TTLP has worked with our fiscal sponsor, Entertainment Industry Foundation (EIF), to secure health benefits for all fellows.

TTLP’s programs are specifically built for Black theater professionals. It is our belief that by focusing on one of the most marginalized groups of people, we will ultimately create space for professionals of all races and ethnicities. For this current pilot program, we will focus on Black applicants due to the extremity to which they are excluded.

General/Company Management applications are due by July 16th

We’d love to hear from you! Email us info@ttlp.org

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